Korea Engineering and Consulting Association - KENCA

KENCA is a government affiliated organization which represents the business interests of the consultancy and engineering industry in Korea.
It is the leading business association in its field which represents most Korean consulting firms operating in nearly all engineering disciplines.

KENCA works closely with various stakeholders including the government, media and member firms to promote the advancement of national industry and assist with overseas business development.



Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey – DEİK 

Upon its establishment in 1986, the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) was assigned with the following tasks: to organize and manage the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector, in particular with respect to foreign trade, international investments, services, contracting and logistics; to analyze investment opportunities at home and abroad; to help boost the country’s exports, and to coordinate similar business development activities.

In 2014, DEİK was restructured, and with law No: 6552 of 11 September 2014 assigned the task of “conducting the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector”, to become “business diplomacy” organization comprising Business Councils, Founding Institutions and individual members that represent Turkey’s business community and its leading entrepreneurs, contributing to the functioning of the institution on a ‘voluntary basis’.
Knowing the leading role of technical consultancy in the construction sector, as well as in the development and power of competitiveness of Turkey, in order to ensure coordination within the sector and to promote the high-quality technical consultancy services abroad, International Technical Consultancy Business Council was founded under the umbrella of DEİK in September 2013. 



Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd., (ICT)

ICT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified premier infrastructure Consulting organization providing a comprehensive suite of services from “Concept to Commissioning” for infrastructure projects across various sectors like Roads, Highways, Bridges, Airports, Railway & Metro, Urban Development, Training & Capacity Building, Buildings, Water Supply, Sanitation, Power, etc. Our services include identification and conceptualizing of projects, project business cases, financial advisory, techno-economic feasibility of projects, detailed engineering, managing public private interfaces, project structuring under public-private partnership (PPP) format, bid process management, funds mobilization, commissioning of projects, project management apart from advisory in sector reforms, policy framework and capacity building. 

ICT has successfully undertaken over 650 prestigious consultancy assignments in 44 countries of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, North America and the Middle East to the entire satisfaction of the Clients. We have diverse experience in advising both private sector entities and government agencies including developmental agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, kfw, DFID-UK, etc. ICT has a dedicated team of over 1200 professional staff with state-of-the-art knowledge of international standards. The value of projects handled by ICT in the financial year March 2016 was nearly US$ 65 Billion and the consultancy receipts for the year were US$ nearly 45 Million.



Oriental Consultants Global

Oriental Consultants Global boasts many superior engineers experienced in taking overall responsibility for managing large-scale projects on behalf of clients.

We can take responsibility for the entire project cycle from conception to operation and are well-versed in coordinating the activities of the many parties involved to ensure the complex array of work is carried out in the most efficient and effective way.

Oriental Consultants Global takes advantage of its extensive business experience and global networks to contribute to the development of the foundations of social environments and of peoples’ lives around the world by providing planning, design, construction supervision, maintenance, and project management services.

We aim to become a global firm as “the number one” in providing comprehensive management services.




Nippon Koei Group has reliable and skilled corporate members, among them are Nippon Koei Consultant Engineering, BDP and PT. Indokoei International. The Group has contributed to the development of vibrant societies worldwide.

Nippon Koei is No. 1 International Engineering Consultants, and the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. We provide strong engineering solutions for clients by planning, designing and supervising construction of infrastructure projects in the fields of energy, transportation, resources, urban and public sector development. Nearly 70 years, we have worked on over 5000 various infrastructure projects in 156 countries all over the world. As an essential part of Nippon Koei, business for developing robust solutions for projects, Nippon Koei has implemented its R&D Center and endowed it with facilities, equipment and stuff. Nippon Koei’s R&D Center has physical and numerical modeling experts for many practice-oriented engineering problems.

BDP is a major international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanisms. BDP’s wealth of experience mainly in the European region enabling them to offer comprehensive technical consulting services, comprising civil engineering and architecture, to a broader clientele.

PT. Indokoei International offers a full range of consulting services in the field of Urban Infrastructure and Energy Developments in Indonesia.



Development Design Consultants Limited (DDC)

Development Design Consultants Limited (DDC), an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, was founded in Bangladesh in 1972 and has been an innovative and dynamic consulting firm in Bangladesh.

Over the years, DDC ranked among the top 100 consultants of the World. (Ref. Sector Review, Swedish Federation of Architects & Engineers)

DDC is now internationally recognized as a top-tier Engineering and Consulting Company in Bangladesh, based on outstanding project track records, advanced engineering systems and excellent expertise as a provider of integrated engineering solutions for government, private Institutions in Bangladesh and Overseas countries as well.

Over the years, DDC has gained the trust of Clients at home and abroad through accomplishments in all types of modal transportation, physical planning, water resources planning, environmental and social, public utilities and infrastructure projects etc.

It offers consultancy services from project conception to completion including project preparatory technical assistance, project identification, techno-economic feasibility study, field surveys/investigations, environmental and social impact assessment, planning, detailed design, documentation, project management and monitoring, implementation supervision/assistance, procurement assistance, operation and maintenance service, institutional and organizational strengthening, post implementation evaluation etc.

DDC has been actively participating in a large number of projects of Bangladesh Government in the field of infrastructure development, reconstruction & rehabilitation, institutional development, ICT, health, planning, education etc. It has successfully completed a large number of projects in different sectors of development including many projects financed by the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Development Association (IDA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), DFID and other international organizations.

These projects had been or are being carried out either independently or in collaboration with internationally reputed consulting firms resulting in a discernible improvement in the quality of consulting services with the desired emphasis on technical soundness and economic viability.

Its dedicated teams of highly skilled and creative professionals of different disciplines (varying between 1200 TO 1600) are serving every engineering needs of Bangladesh and beyond.

As THE LARGEST consulting house in Bangladesh, DDC is highly diversified in expertise and specialization. It obtained INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS Award 2016 for Best Performance.




Our Strength is the Strength of our Members

About 3 000 member companies employing more than 45 000 highly skilled consultants and engineers - this is the German Association of Consulting Engineers - VBI (Verband Beratender Ingenieure), one of the leading associations worldwide for consultancy and engineering.
VBI member firms play a key role in the development of infrastructure in Germany and in the international market. Our members offer multidisciplinary and independent advice on the feasibility, funding, execution and management for all sizes of projects.

Integrity and professionalism are the core values of our members and guarantee that the client receives the highest technical standard followed by a fair and reasonable fee. 
Since VBI was established in 1903 as an association of leading planners and consulting engineers, membership has been a sign of very high levels of qualifications, extensive experience, and status as an independent consultant.

Today, "Membership in the German Association of Consulting Engineers VBI" is also an indication of flexibility, ability to adapt to the developments of the market, and the provision of allround planning and consulting services.

VBI-members provide their services independent from product suppliers or contractors – the precondition for creating the best possible solution.


l’Ordre des Ingénieurs Conseils du Mali (OICM)

Membre de FIDIC et de GAMA, l’Ordre des Ingénieurs Conseils du Mali (OICM) est créé en 1997 et compte à ce jour 194 Bureaux d’Ingénieurs Conseils pourvoyeurs d’emplois. Sa vocation est de promouvoir les intérêts de ses membres et de garantir la qualité de leurs services, assurant du coup, les conditions de vie agréables aux populations.

Placé sous la tutelle du Ministère de l’Équipement et du Désenclavement, l’OICM est un organisme professionnel à caractère public avec une autonomie financière, et est constitué des organes suivants :

  1. Assemblée Générale
  2. Conseil de l’Ordre
  3. Chambre disciplinaire

Il est administré par un conseil  composé de membres élus tous les deux ans, par l'Assemblée Générale Ordinaire Élective.

Une première depuis sa création, une femme est élue Présidente de l’OICM le 25 Mars 2017, en la personne de Madame DIALLO Marie TRAORE, Ingénieur Génie Civil.

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