National Association of Indonesian Engineering Consultants

As a national consulting firms association, members of INKINDO does not only come from national consulting firm, but also from the Affiliated Members (international consulting firms operating in Indonesia). INKINDO members are growing, both quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as the services and geographical coverage. When it was established, INKINDO only had 107 members in six provinces, and currently has increased to cover Construction and Non-construction services over 34 provinces in Indonesia. The significant increase of membership is in line with the growth of the National development activities. While the spreading of INKINDO members is encouraged by the improvement of development activities in the regions in Indonesia as a result of the regional autonomy policy.

INKINDO as an association of independent Consulting Firms started its operations as a Nations Association of Indonesian Consultants on June 20, 1979. Its existence is even more strengthened after it was registered as a legal entity by virtue of the notary deed No. 01/May 3, 2007, the decree of the Justice and Human Rights Affairs Minister dated January 21, 2008, No. AHU-04.AH.01.06/2008.


INKINDO’s Vision

Revitalization of INKINDO in order to promote the quality of Indonesia’s development program.


INKINDO’s Missions
•    Boosting and consolidating the unity and union within INKINDO.
•    Reorienting INKINDO by establishing networks in order to promote national and international markets.
•    Improving professionalism and quality of human resources of its members. 


INKINDO is an association which encompasses many fields of services. This testifies to INKINDO’s commitment to advancing the roles of Indonesia professional Consultants to play an active role in Indonesia’s development.

The association finds it is necessary to take an active role in contributing to the development of business, related to the undertakings within its scope. Therefore, to date, INKINDO has been playing various active roles in order to justify its existence.

The establishment of corporate bodies required by members are designed to seek greater recognition of the existence of INKINDO in the eye of its stakeholders.
Examples of such corporate bodies are:

  1. Playing an active role striving for the Law on Construction Services, as this law will serve as an important legal umbrella in the efforts to create a conductive business climate and in enhancing the professionalism of National Consulting Firms.
  2. In the local autonomy era, INKINDO endeavours to maximize what is becoming the final objective of the establishment of this policy. Hence, the establishment of cooperation between members in and inter provinces.
  3. The establishment of Affiliated Membership Coordination Board, INKINDO Research and Development Board, INKINDO Advocacy and Mediation Board, National Members Certification Body. 


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