The 2017 FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference will take place in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jakarta, considered as a sprawling metropolis, is not only the center and hub of Indonesia’s national finance and trade but its is also Indonesia’s political center and the seat of its provincial and national government. 

Jakarta is a conglomeration of villages known as kampung, now crossed by main roads and super highways. Together with its many suburbs, it has become a megapolitan city.  



                                                           (Source:www.jcc.co.id )

The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center

The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center will serve as the official venue for the FIDIC 2017 Conference.

Established in 1992 (25 August 1992) and strategically located in the heart of Jakarta, the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center hosts events for the world’s political, business, and entertainment leaders.

Over the last 20 years, the Center has held more than 8,000 events – giving its staff a rich and diverse portfolio of experience from which to meet its customers’ needs today. The Center’s previous engagements have included world conventions, regional conferences, theatrical performances, jazz festivals, concerts, fashion shows, product launches, business meetings and banquets.

The Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center has been delighted to work with presidents, CEOs, and international musicians, as well as companies from almost all industries.