FIDIC President’s Message


Dear conference delegates and guests,

I would like to personally invite you to Jakarta, the center and hub of Indonesia’s national finance and trade, seat of its national and provincial government, and proud host of the FIDIC 2017 International Infrastructure Conference.

The 2017 FIDIC Conference taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2017 will provide a platform for us to evaluate and discuss our understanding of what constitutes resilient infrastructure. In the wake of increasing natural disasters, infrastructure programmes are being implemented in some countries, but without properly understanding resilience. Predicting the effects of climate change is becoming more challenging. To ensure that our design and construction standards are robust enough, the ability to adapt is critical - from planning, design, and implementation, up to the maintenance phase.

Infrastructure investment decisions have long-term consequences. Therefore, decisions on infrastructure should anticipate the long-term impact on the environment. As we are also transitioning into the rapidly evolving fourth industrial revolution which disrupts almost every industry in every country, I reflect as a representative of international and national federations and as a businessman in the consulting engineering industry, on how engineers should adapt to continuous innovation. I am confident that conference attendees will truly benefit from the selected speakers who will share their knowledge on topics such as identifying infrastructure’s needs and benefits; planning and designing resilient infrastructure; impacts of natural disasters; post-disaster functional requirements focusing on power, water, healthcare, and transport.

FIDIC, ASPAC (FIDIC Member Associations in the Asia-Pacific Region), and INKINDO (National Association of Indonesian Engineering Consultants) cordially invite business leaders, decision makers, and professionals from the consulting engineering industry to Jakarta for a global opportunity to explore the many business and financial matters impacting on our living and working environment. 

I am truly looking forward to welcoming you to the FIDIC Conference in Jakarta where I will complete my 2-year term as FIDIC President and pass the honorable torch to my commendable successor.

Mr. Jae-Wan Lee
FIDIC President



INKINDO President’s Message


On behalf of INKINDO, the National Association of Indonesian Consultants, we are pleased to invite you to FIDIC 2017 International Infrastructure Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia on 1 - 3 October 2017.

Resilient infrastructure, the theme of this year's conference,  is currently a prominent theme as we are witnessing the devastating effects of natural disaster, especially in Indonesia being located in the ‘ring of fire’,  and the effects of climate change on infrastructure.

Governments around the world are coping by specifying disaster resilient infrastructure, in which we, the consulting engineering industry are responding to.

This Conference will be an exciting opportunity for networking to learn from international experiences and practices on mitigation strategies, designing resilient infrastructure and what this means for the consulting engineering industry.


INKINDO is pleased to co-host this 2017 FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia in particularly at a time when infrastructure development is high on the current Government of Indonesia's agenda.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in this conference for the opportunity to network, learn from international experiences and enjoy the international collaboration of this conference.

Welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia, land of opportunity!


 Mr. Nugroho Pudji Rahardio

 INKINDO President


ASPAC Chairman’s Message

Infrastructure, as the preconditions for modern life, it provides a foundation for economic and social development and meeting our everyday needs. But facing such a global environment with anomaly climate change and frequently occurred natural disasters, the traditional approach to infrastructure design and construction need to be updated with more resilience. Nowadays, more and more governments, multilateral banks, they already see resilient infrastructure as their goal, we, as the trusted adviser to our client, how can we deliver our service to reach this goal, that’s a task for all of us.

This year, FIDIC selected “resilient infrastructure-improving life” as the theme of the conference, it creates an excellent opportunity for us sharing our knowledge and understanding on this common goal. 

Asia, is the most grim suffered region from the increasingly serious natural disasters, this time, many speakers will share with you their understanding and approaches selected to cope with resilient infrastructure in Asia Pacific region.

ASPAC, FIDIC Group of Asia and Pacific Member Associations, as the co-host of the conference, we are here, in Jakarta, welcome our distinguished representatives from government, financial institutions, our peers from the consulting engineering industry and all other participants. Your participation and involvement will support us making the conference more successful.

Mr. Liu Luobing